Kitchen Lighting

Most people would agree the kitchen is their favorite and most used room of the house; however, is the lighting in your kitchen adequate enough? Save your eyesight and install new, bright and energy efficient kitchen lighting!

There are plenty of ways to update the kitchen lighting in your home. You can go bold or subtle in style, but they main objective is to brighten up the place. Your kitchen lighting should be effective in every way. Douglas Electrical Services can help you with new kitchen lighting installations.

Indoor lighting comes in many designs which open up an array of options. For a small kitchen, track lighting may be the way to go. Install dimmable track lighting and you can control not only the lighting but the mood of the room also.

Recessed lighting is used on modern kitchens; however, if your home is older you may have retro fluorescent bulbs casting a yellow glare over you as you cook. Most kitchens today have an island in the middle which requires some extra decorative lighting such as pendant lighting. If you are a home chef, Task lighting is for you! It provides special lighting for every aspect of cooking. There is lighting over the stove, over the island and underneath the cabinets to light the countertops, all which aid in all areas of food preparation.

Ever walk into a kitchen and thought the entire room was glowing? Ambient lighting, as it's called, is an indirect way to make the kitchen more inviting. Something as simple as a wall scone can change up the feel of your kitchen, otherwise known as accent lighting. If you want the most effective kitchen lighting, combine the above mentioned lighting types for blended lighting. This design technique blends different lighting types in one space: accent, ambient and decorative lighting all at once.